This place safe?

No one reads these entries right? In that case I’ve just gotta let this out. I got high today. Wife and I started to get frisky and let me just say… I did NOT know that guys could have multiple orgasms! Seriously. The whole sesh was so damn intense! I knew females had them, but dudes? It’s never happened before but just WOW, been thinking about it since. Just… wow..


Bob mrleh

Why is it I question the choice I commit to because of a stigma that I say I don’t even care about? What words. Disappointed and afraid of how I’ll be the whole next day I’m out. Tough luck. It’s hard to accept when it makes you stop caring for a moment, relief. It’s brief, and it’s enough to keep my brain from the stress. I find it’s best to not ignore something

Voice it now, but now you’re questioning

Listening, looking for the moment to be opening up

About this stupid thing

You’re hoping

They won’t care enough to ring

Say nothing

Save your breath

On something worth the effort please


I burn my hand on the stove top

For attention

Your love for me and words of fear

They wash off insecurity

This trip alone’s the best one yet

The paramedics know me well

Check on my skin, poke at my heart

Do what you have to do now

Pulling my hair and sweeping through

The barren cauldron of my mind

Sulking with tears that make me lose

All sense of dignity and time

It’s so confusing holding hands

With strangers, walking me back home

Right to my bed, lost in my head

All I know is I’m safer in these catacombs

They flatter me with kindness

Though it never shows


Busting water bank

Bursting carefully

Was this planned

Or is this here naturally

You try to hold on

But you’re barely alive

Wary and folding, too much to be strong

So close those eyes and

Imagine us two

Our favourite place where the ocean breeze blew

And for a second succumb to the dream

Let this one moment define everything

So if you let go it’s okay I’m here

Let go of my hand if you want with no fear

I’m right beside you right up til the fall

If this is how it all ends, it’s your call

Cos I said shit a lot

I fucked around and did a lot

Broke promises and watched the time roll

Out of our sight and I feel the guilts toll

It’s his fault, but it’s mine and this I know

I lost control of the demon and let go

I love you and this remains the truth

Beyond the lies I tell the world every day oh

I hate myself enough I’m so sorry

For hurting you all, I pray so much for forgiveness

From God, forgot to mention from my daughter and sons messed

Em up, but always loved them all im sad for the pain

What’s done is done I can’t undo it but I’m here with you all in the rain

I’d like you should fall down

Beneath, I’d swim down..

So what is happening? Last day of work for three weeks, the day is dragging as I knew it would. So gonna write a corny ass song and never look at it again

Superstardom painted it’s colours all over your eyes

You just disappeared one day, lost into the night

Words fell apart, they couldn’t change the direction of the tide

Into the ocean you jumped, bet you felt so alive

About clashes


Shelf life predicts that this won’t last too long

And there are ways to keep going, but you know they’re wrong

Now it’s later, I’m so high up I’ll be long gone alligator,

See ya later, crocodile, uhh.. in a while crocodile, mix and shake up

Grate pieces to the peace pipe

Give me all I need, light

Savour every breath

It’s the best when you’re here

And I’m here

And we’re looking and touching, ears are to the ground

I don’t want to but I can hear a familiar sound

It’s the sound of hope

When it’s far too late

When you hold the rope

It’s the song I make

No wait

No break

You stated that you no longer hated what you once were

Elevated no show again now you know hurt

And it hurts when you say things you don’t mean

It’s the truth in your eyes that I look between

Mellowed out from the cloud melted puddles

In the last marshmallow standing, someone give me cuddles

Now it sounds like I am so lame and

Well it’s not far from the whole

You know this is me all over

I hate to admit it, though I try

Through the eyes of Cali

Cali was a winner way back in the day

Head of state

The next up and coming and in demand

One winter away for a play

And she would slay in nationals

Oh yeah she was great, no debate

Driven by an altered state of mind

Now redefined self hate

He wined he dined danced the moves

And got carried away

Heart so heavy took the Chevy

Had to find a way to escape

It crossed his mind from time to time

When stories and warnings shone their light

And today he wrote that story down

Staring at the ground

She never even heard the sound

Half past ten ya mum man why did I make this

I stayed up just to type this, hate this

Like a fire irritates in my chest

Think it’s best to get it out but it sounds like the rest

Started up like a story going somewhere

Tickled my long gone desire to create this

Face it, it’s over and gone

Time to move on to the next shit

But starting tomorrow I will be back to repeat this

Over again it doesn’t end so I made this

What it is

It’s 24/7

Ya mums a toad

Hear that? That’s the sound

Of a poached egg explode

What mode

Where’s beyond this

Who do I speak to

Sheets of make up

Are on fleek

Diss among aid

This a song raid

Piss a long

Sis I’m on maid

Ay it’s a long time

A bong hit

Timon says

Pumba, stifle your koomba

You like the zoom a

Lick on you Mum

This is a wrong beyond page

Flip a skillet splashing oil

On the fillet of fish

I got the hit a bit I shit you off

At least you got paid

I know the raid will still

Occur demolish hurting

I gon rage


We are on sage no




It’s not safe

Feel me heart beat

Seat seat

You be seated hey

Simone and James

Come on

Plead plead please

Let’s get a bong





Hit me up

Tick a box


Play a game

Take another take

Breathe deep

Let it go and say

Sorry for the the last time we defined